Me and my walking stick

Meet Little Johnny:


He was given his name by a good friend of mine, who felt it fit perfectly with the pink floral exterior. Little Johnny Walker is friends with Michael Caine, my friend’s little helper.

Johnny is quite shy quite and, unlike Michael, he rarely leaves the house, let alone his corner. Sometimes I have to break out the Mr Sheen and dust him off.

His only proper outing was when a friend of mine frog marched me back to the flat to take him for a walk. He had a lovely time out in the sunshine, but people still didn’t let him sit down on the bus.

He went to work once too, at my old job, to meet the great man who gave him his name and a few other friends too. Everybody loved Johnny. Except me.
Johnny folds up neatly and can sit in my bag, and then burst out and take people by surprise (particularly those who won’t let him, or me, sit down on the bus).

When I visit friends I’m often asked ‘where’s Johnny’, and I tell them again how shy he is. But people don’t believe me, they think I’m the shy one holding him back from a potentially wonderful relationship.

I’m going to the theatre Friday evening, it’ll be dark, and I’ll be tired after a long day of Christmas shopping and lunch with a friend. I’m planning on taking Johnny. It’ll be the first time we’ll have been out together alone. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Karen & Johnny x


Getting Back to Normal…

I met my friend for tea after work yesterday. I haven’t seen her and her little one for weeks, she’s my best buddy and I miss her, but I just haven’t been up to meeting up with friends for some time. It was so good to catch up, doughnuts and tea galore, and we’ve set a date for next week too.

After that it all went slightly downhill, I just about made it home at 8pm and had to crawl into bed, wiped out, exhausted and in a great deal of pain. I woke up, took pain killers and went back to dozing again.

I’d planned a hot date with myself today, visiting Brighton museum, cup of tea, maybe a mooch round the shops. It’s only 4 stops away on the bus. But instead I’m in bed with a strong cup of tea writing this blog.

I’ve been quite unwell and sore for a few days now, I assumed it was just the damp weather and stress, and that catching up with my friend would help with that a treat. I guess I was wrong.

I also need to catch up with my FibroAction admin work and send off some emails for some calls I made on Wednesday. I know people understand that it’s run by volunteers who also suffer from fibro but I hate letting people down. So that’s what’s on my list of things to do today, along with plenty of snoozing, and of course, Strictly Come Dancing!

Karen x



Pilates Bussell

Today I decided it was the day. The day to break out the Pilates DVD and yoga mat in an attempt to regain at least some of the fitness and flexibility I’ve lost over the past few years.

It started well, leggings, vest top, purple yoga mat rolled out and Darcey Bussell giving me an introduction to Pilates. Apparently she has Pilates to thank for her life as it is today. This DVD was going to be great! I’ll just spend an hour doing it I thought, I had just done a full day at work after all.

After the introduction I settled myself down for the warm up. Fifteen hot, sweaty, breathless minutes later Darcey had to take a break, or should I say I needed a long lie down on the yoga mat. It didn’t help that Trinity decided she wanted in on the action. It turns out that trying to learn Pilates when stuck on the floor unable to get up with a cat crawling over you sounds cute but really isn’t.


So I think I’ll wait a couple of days before the next attempt, Trinity agrees….

Karen x


Hello there

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be blogging about living with fibromyalgia, my work with FibroAction, my attempts at being the new Nigella Lawson, and probably pictures of my cats.

I’ve had fibromyalgia for a number of years and a few months ago the opportunity arose for me to work as a volunteer admin assistant for FibroAction. My job involves sending out information about work, benefits and support groups as well as responding to any voice messages left. I work with a great small team of people and it’s really exciting being a part of an ever expanding charity.

My day job is working in insurances looking after the accounts. In what little spare time I have I’m studying for a degree in politics and a certificate in management.

In April I’m going to a fibromyalgia conference in Chichester, hopefully this will link me to some great contacts and provide further information that I can bring to FibroAction.

Two days after the conference, I’ll be attending a stationery show in London. My sole aim of the trip is to get as many free pens and notebooks as possible. I’m more excited than I can possibly describe!

Before all that I need to start thinking about Christmas. If you are doing your Christmas shopping online, please shop via Give As You Live and choose FibroAction as your Charity, every penny raised really does help! This year I’ll be buying Christmas cards from Cancer Research UK and League Against Cruel Sports.

That’s all for now.

Karen x

Trinity - the Admin Assistant's assistant.
Trinity – the Admin Assistant’s assistant.