Pilates Bussell

Today I decided it was the day. The day to break out the Pilates DVD and yoga mat in an attempt to regain at least some of the fitness and flexibility I’ve lost over the past few years.

It started well, leggings, vest top, purple yoga mat rolled out and Darcey Bussell giving me an introduction to Pilates. Apparently she has Pilates to thank for her life as it is today. This DVD was going to be great! I’ll just spend an hour doing it I thought, I had just done a full day at work after all.

After the introduction I settled myself down for the warm up. Fifteen hot, sweaty, breathless minutes later Darcey had to take a break, or should I say I needed a long lie down on the yoga mat. It didn’t help that Trinity decided she wanted in on the action. It turns out that trying to learn Pilates when stuck on the floor unable to get up with a cat crawling over you sounds cute but really isn’t.


So I think I’ll wait a couple of days before the next attempt, Trinity agrees….

Karen x

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