Gluten Free Update

I won’t lie, this diet has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Who knew gluten was in almost every single tasty food there is. Well, I do now! After throwing many a strop in the aisles of Sainsburys, throwing away many inedible ‘bread’ lunches, attempting to eat cakes so high in fat I almost turned into a lump of lard and eating a diet that mainly consists of fruit and rice cakes, I have passed the half way mark. One week and five days to go, not that I’m counting. So far the pain or other symptoms aren’t any better. If anything they are worse. I wouldn’t say that is down to lack of gluten, just a busy stressful life at the moment. But I was hoping that the pain would lessen even just slightly. Still, having said that, there is still almost two weeks to go so there is time for progress yet. Before yet another after work appointment at the vets yesterday for my poorly kitty cat I did treat myself to half an hour of relaxing time with Pilates Bussell, and I have yoga to look forward to tomorrow, it’s just a shame I can’t have a nice granary bread and cheese toasty afterwards! I’m already planning what I’m going to do as soon as the diet ends – bread and pasta for lunch, a KFC for dinner and somehow I plan to squeeze a subway in there too! Shockingly awful I know, but I’m so excited! Karen x

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