Gluten Free Gone Wrong

So as everyone knows by now going gluten free was one of the hardest things I’ve ever. I whinged alot, threw a lot of teenager strops in many a supermarket food aisle and  almost cried into my Gluten Free Dominos Pizza box. As it was only four weeks I thought I’d somehow get through it and come out the other side, in slightly less pain than before. I was sadly very wrong.

Although I try to eat healthily as much as possible going gluten free made me realise how much I rely on the convenience of chucking a kiev and some oven chips on a baking tray and finishing with a prepacked salad. As my health deteriorated over the three weeks, making meals for myself got harder and harder. Then came the point when I knew I had to stop, when this weekend I couldn’t even get myself into my shower and wash my own hair – a new low for me.

Whilst I am not saying that the cause of my failing health was going gluten free, I certainly did not notice any improvement. Not even a teeny tiny one for a hour on one of the days. I also believe that we have been eating grains for as long as we have been around so our bodies must need them to some degree (unless of course your are coeliac).

Convenient gluten free alternatives such as bread – a term which I use loosely – were so high in fat, salt and other nasties that I’m not sure why anyone would choose to eat them. If I had been well enough to make my own meals I would have gladly made some far more scrummy, but that option was stripped from me long ago.

So while the KFC and box of chocolate eclairs I ate this week haven’t made me feel me feel any better, I feel full, satisfied and they were a nice treat that didn’t involve me slaving over the stove or attempting to chop up veg and slicing my finger off.

As I write I’m drinking a homemade banana pear and yoghurt smoothie, see I can be healthy and not gluten free!

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8 thoughts on “Gluten Free Gone Wrong

  1. I think you’ve hit the problem on the head when you talk about the GF alternatives. I went GF, sugar free and dairy free for 2 months and felt not much difference. Now I’ve done it again I realised my mistake the first time round- swapping processed wheat products for processed GF alternatives is pretty pointless in my opinion as they are just as bad as each other. My body couldn’t handle the GF breads etc either. Now I’ve cut out all the processed stuff I’m feeling the difference. Fatigue is my issue
    now, pain is now thankfully under control. Better than both! If the fatigue would piss off I’d be pretty good overall. I’m lucky in that I have a husband who enjoys cooking. For that I am extremely grateful. Else I’d probably be making big batches of stuff to freeze and eating the same all week! Boring! I think you need to absolutely have to want to do it though or else you just focus on what you are missing out on. It’s as much retraining our brains and learning to view food differently as anything else. I still get cravings but I’m at a point where I know I don’t want to eat that stuff. Maybe one day I’ll give in but I know I will live to regret it.

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    1. Just to clarify I mean shop bought stuff with all the preservatives etc in it rather than home made stuff. It was just my experience and I appreciate others will find they can eat those things and be fine. But for me, I realised I was just as well eating the real thing than the GF alternative. Now I live without those products completely


  2. I admire you for cutting so much out, and its great it worked for you. I’m not sure I can put myself through it again any time soon but maybe one day I’ll give it another go. Xx


  3. I have to live gluten free otherwise I get so many extra symptoms in my joints and digestion and then extra brain fog. I was diagnosed with wheat intolerance by an allergy clinic at the hospital. I cannot tolerate gluten free breads though. I wouldn’t recommend gluten restriction unless you really had to do it, as it’s so difficult in western society.


  4. I can’t make myself go gluten free completely but I do try to eat more whole grains and healthier carbs. I notice a big difference in just that. I like to cook though and so does my husband so one of us is normally able to throw something together thats at least mostly healthy. I have found that when I feel up to it making big meals to freeze helps out a lot and gives me something to fall back on when I feel like crap.


      1. I make things like extra spaghetti sauce or soups and chili. Stuff that is not hard to make a lot of and just as good from left overs. Plus when I am having a flare up there is something comforting about a nice bowl of soup.


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