Looking ahead

After a few days on new medication I feel like a new me. Actually I feel like the old me from years ago, full of energy, only with a limp and a serious case of fibro fog. I’m planning my future like I never thought I could. My wife says not to expect too much from the tablets, the effects may wear off, but for now I’m enjoying every second.

I’ve got lots planned this spring and summer; Race For Life, attending the Fibro Conference, going to the Stationery Show and a London Fitness Show. After all of that, there’s the Yoga Show in the autumn if I’m still standing. In between all of that I hope to pass my second year of my degree, continue with my management qualification and learn how to use Sage Accounting. Oh yes, and work 30 hours a week.

All of this helps towards my aim of hoping to one day be able to work from home. Maybe for a fibro charity, maybe running an online stationery store, who knows. But I expect the worst in life, therefore I need a plan b, and that is to be able to work from home.

I’ve joined an online site called Yoga Download. http://www.yogadownload.com/ This takes the pressure off having to attend a 2 hour yoga session every week after work. I can do 20 minutes here and there and I find it really helps with my mobility and mental health. There’s also loads of great meditations on there, I have fallen asleep listening to a lot of them and would recommend them no end.

Finally I am looking forward to summer itself, hoping for some warm weather so I can practice my yoga and meditation on the beach to the sound of pebbles being washed up by the waves.

I’d also like to thank the FibroAction Online Community for being so fabulous and supportive. I love working with the volunteers and I love being able to help anyone who needs it. https://healthunlocked.com/ If you have Fibro I suggest you hop on down there for a friendly chat, some comical posts and I hear there is virtual coffee and cake in the mornings!

My inspiration is coming from lots of different blogs right now (see my Twitter feed and who I follow for my favourites). Knowing and learning how other people cope has really given me that kick up the backside I need to stop moping around feeling sorry for myself and to enjoy life as much as possible. While I don’t doubt I have many a duvet day ahead on Tramadol, I plan to enjoy the days I can throw back the duvet, hop into my yoga pants and show the world I’m still here!

Have a wonderful week everyone, thanks for reading xx

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