Actipatch Trial

So I’m currently on a seven day trial of Actipatch. I was doubtful to say the least, especially when it took almost two months to turn up. When it eventually arrived a promptly stuck it to a problem area (my hip) with the plaster type sticky strips and waited.

The next day at work my hip and right side of my back didn’t lock or make any loud cracking sounds which it normally does, I was impressed. Only my right shoulder was really sore and causing me a lot of pain. I needed an Actipatch there too, so that’s where I decided to put it next.

That evening before my shower I had to rip off the three plasters attaching the patch to my hip, that was an experience within itself, a very painful one at that. That didn’t deter me though and post shower I awkwardly stuck it to my shoulder and got dressed. At work the next day my shoulder was a lot better, muscles less tense as there was less pain and no locking, crunching or clicking. Great, apart from the plasters pulling my skin every time I move. Only then I got sore hips again, and my other shoulder hurt too, not forgetting the knees too…

I’ve so far come to the conclusion I either need several Actipatches or one giant one to encircle my entire body.

I’ll keep you updated on how the trial continues.

Karen x

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