My Actipatch, Chronic Illness and Me

Recently I wrote about trying an Actipatch, and how it helped a little before coming to the conclusion I need a giant one for my entire body.

I had lots of feedback from people and found out you can buy patches designed for all parts of the body. Great, I thought, that’s my hips shoulders and knees sorted. Then I saw the cost of them. It would appear it would cost well over £100 a month for me to benefit from having one on every problem area. Not practical, and that is over 10% of my monthly wage! I could indeed sacrifice my yummy treat filled diet for ripping plasters off my body every day, but life with chronic illness has to be more than that surely?

Once my seven day trial was up, the light on the patch went out and it went off to the scrapyard in the sky. A little piece of me wants to go and buy another one, or three, but it’s really not an option. Instead I am sitting here in pain, waiting for my next doctors appointment to see what zombifying hallucinogenic drug they fancy prescribing me next. Pregabalin has given me so much more energy, but it would appear after a blow out week I’m not well enough to use that energy yet.

I’m hoping to work with the lovely Grace Quantock in the coming future to learn once and for all how to deal with chronic illness, live and work with it, accept I need ten times more rest than I currently give myself, and still be me.

I also try and practice yoga at least 5 times a week followed by a short meditation (Yoga Nidra is simply amazing). So far I’m finding this really calming, and I appear to be developing teeny tiny muscles from a rather lot of downward facing dog. It also helps stretch out my hips, shoulders and chest when they get locked in a relaxing and non-painful way.

My work for Fibro Action is going really well, and I can’t wait to go to the fibro conference next month and report back as much as possible (before brain fog makes me forget it). I’m taking my lap top with me so I can get on the forum each evening and give my lovely friends and forum buddies an update. If you want to keep up to date with the conference next month, and in the meantime the lovely forum, click on the Health Unlocked link below.

And finally, plans to open a little online business and market stall are well under way.Trinny’s Stationery Store will be beautiful stationery; pens, journals and everything a chronic lovely such as ourselves could need to get them through a day in bed while their mind is racing through thoughts. Eventually I’m hoping this will also include some lovely craft work from Wendy Lawrie to brighten up your day. But this story will continue in a couple of months time.

For now, check out the below links, go chat to my fabulous friends on the forum and keep in touch.

Have beautiful weekends!

Karen xx

Important links that are a must see (at your own leisure of course!):

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