Adventures with my walking stick

Some of you may remember meeting Little Johnny last year. He’s a pink flowery delight named by a good friend of mine, who I’m slowly learning to love, very slowly might I add.

He’s spent most of the winter collecting dust in the corner while I hobbled around, but the time came recently when I just got too ill and he had to venture out the house with me or I wouldn’t be leaving the house at all. This time he wasn’t shy, he was raring to go. He went to my friend’s amazing art exhibition (a friend called him a lovely cane!), he then went to my friends birthday party. I then had to spend the rest of the weekend in bed recovering.

Today was our biggest day yet, he went to work with me. It was a strange journey to work watching peoples reactions to me and my stick. An old man shoved me out the way so he could sit down at the bus stop, an student huffed and puffed behind me at the traffic lights when they couldn’t rush past and someone actually left their seat on the bus and moved because ‘I’m getting off in a minute’. They were still on the bus when I got off. Am I really that scary with my stick?! At least now I know how to clear a room!

On the way home it was less pleasant, a bus full of school kids and moms. No-one wanted to let me on the bus, everyone just stared intently  but no-one moved when I got on and needed to sit down. Anyone would think I have three heads (I checked, I don’t).

Maybe I’m looking into it too much, maybe no-one really noticed. But it felt that way, and I felt awkward and embarrassed. Probably less embarrassed than I would be tripping up and landing on the floor though, so I’m going to focus on the positives while I can.

Speaking of positives, another young woman joined me at the bus stop, and I got stick envy. It was lilac, a beautiful shade of lilac, and I want one!

So that’s just the beginning of the story with Johnny, I’m sure there will plenty more adventures to come, who knows, one day he might even get a friend.

2 thoughts on “Adventures with my walking stick

  1. I used to be really embarrased going out with my stick, but it means that on days I need to use it I can go further than it would otherwise be possible. I was 25 when I started to use one occasionally and you do get used to it.

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