Perfect Weather For Ducks

Hello everyone,

Following on from my last post about my love of all things nature, here are some gorgeous photos I’ve taken of some ducks in parks in England.

The first few snaps are in Shard End Park, Birmingham, in June, where I was hissed at and chased by mother goose protecting her little ones. She then followed me around the park begging for more bread!


The next few were taken in St James’s Park, London, just last week.


Can you help identify some of the ducks and birds from the London park?

Do you have any lovely photos to add to this collection, if so I’d love to hear from you.

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did taking them.

Until next time…

Karen xx


A Floral Fancy

Hello everyone

Those of you who know me will know I adore all things flowers, garden and wildlife. Although I am qualified in floristry, due to my illnesses I can no longer garden or get out very often into the sticks, so I’m always overjoyed when I can find little spots of nature in the city.

Yesterday I had a very, very rare day out with my dad. We met up in London and had a completely wonderful day. I could write forever about the excitement we had but this post is just a quick snapshot of the beautiful flowers I managed to snap after the rain in St James’ Park. Enjoy.

11221836_10153635006086907_9159388232544083331_n 11924572_10153635006191907_3941857945721287947_n 11947415_10153635006821907_5699445914409420207_n 11949554_10153635006876907_6771730595095219185_n 11951964_10153635007326907_3004872119429629605_n 11953066_10153635005806907_7400917218052670727_n 11953278_10153635006756907_3026691628170688616_n 11986369_10153635005901907_2704933413635016968_n 11990485_10153635007056907_6419835055811605715_n


I hope you love these beautiful flowers as much as I do. I’d love to see any photos you have of your favourite flowers, gardens or plants so please send them my way!

Karen xx