Glamour Magazine Beauty Power List


Every season I look forward to the new Glamour Beauty Box. This Autumn I wasn’t to be disappointed. It was one of my favourite boxes yet.


I don’t wear bright coloured lipstick. Never have, never thought I would, I’m so naturally fair and blonde I feel it washes me out, plus has a tendency to clash with my bold framed glasses. That was until I discovered the cherry red Revlon lipstick in this box. It’s not for every day, but I’m going to keep it in my make up bag for a special occasion.


The Kiko blush is quite frankly wonderful It looks scary when you first apply it but with a little work from a Real Techniques brush I look bright and glowy all day long.

The Garnier Night Cream feels a little greasy on application but I think it will be great at cocooning my face in moisturising loveliness come the colder nights.

Nails Inc base coat and Rimmel Nail polish are a lovely inclusion in the box as my nails are so prone to peeling and splitting after just a couple of days wear. This base coat prevented most of that and I wore the greyish lilac Rimmel polish for almost a week, no nail casualties involved.

Everybody loves the Elastisizer so I needn’t say any more, this one smells particularly fabulous.

I am yet to try out the Eyeko mascara but I have very high hopes.

And finally the Vita gentle tanning lotion scares me a little, probably best for my pale skin to try it out when I know I won’t be leaving the house the next day. I have tried it on the back of my hand and I didn’t go orange so that’s a positive I suppose.

All in all a wonderful box, the perfect present to myself to get me ready for Autumn.

I do believe it’s still in stock at Latest In Beauty so head on over while it’s still on the shelves.

Can anyone recommend any other beauty boxes for me to try?

Karen xx