Driving Home for Christmas – Travelling with Fibro and Anxiety

Well, travelling by train. I travel the longest part of my journey on Virgin Trains. Sounds relaxing doesn’t it? And it used to be for me. But travelling when you have chronic illnesses isn’t quite so simple.

There’s three things that travel with me wherever, my fibromyalgia, my chronic fatigue and my old enemy, anxiety. They’re at their most evil when taking the four to five hour journey home to visit my parents in Birmingham.



There’s also lots of walking and buses involved at either end.

The pain of dragging suitcases and heavy bags around, the exhaustion that hits when trying to lift bags onto trains. It can’t be put into words. The anxiety is most likely to hit in the high speed tilting trains so I book well in advance for a cheap first class ticket. This gives me time to relax in a first class lounge first, and a relatively empty carriage with space and room to relax and breathe, as opposed to being wedged onto standing room only carriages further down. First class also means less walking along the platform and staff on board to take care of you if needsbe. Anxiety undoubtedly will rear it’s ugly head at some point in the journey but it’s always for much less time this way.


It can take days, or even a week to recover from such a journey, by which point it’ll be time to return home.

And so it begins again.

Listening to music helps keep anxiety at bay


Let me know how you cope with travelling. Its be great to share help and ideas with fellow chronic illness spoonies here.

Karen xx

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