Artists Make The Most Interesting Friends

Meet my friend Stuart. We met when we worked for the same company three years ago at a rather boring work’s event and bonded over a love of all things peculiar; he likes lampposts, I like trains. We decided that night we were separated at birth. Despite the fact I can’t even draw stick men, Stuart and I have over the years created ‘Sinister Dinners’, a creation of evil raging meals that are out to kill, ‘Amish Pete’ which was a drawing of our friend that I sent terribly wrong. Then there was the mushroom picture. The less said about that the better! Anyway, meet Stuart:

Prime Minister Stu.

Stuart, or Professor Mystery as he is also known, is a quite brilliant artist. His own unique style and input of lampposts in most of his work makes for some flippin’ amazing artwork.

Prof. M at work.
Showing his work at a recent art exhibition.

When he’s not watching Doctor Who, Stuart can be found in his studio, or sat in a coffee shop, sketchbook in hand. In fact, it’s the one thing he never leaves the house without. He draws in ink ( I heard a rumour his pens cost £18 each!) and is happiest when his hands are black with ink from a long day’s drawing.

As some of your are probably aware, I’m looking to start my own stationery business. As a fellow stationery addict, Stuart has offered to design some artwork for my logos and website. Our first proper ‘meeting’ (tea drinking, discussing trains and clipboards) was last week and five minutes after getting his sketchbook out things were already taking shape.

Check out Stuart’s Facebook page to see lots more of his work here, have a read of his intriguing blog and follow him on Twitter.

Karen xx

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