Organic Life

On a cold, damp poorly weekend, its good to know my kitchen is full of organic fruit and British grown apples to snack on. How colourful and delicious does this fruit bowl look! 

Never one to take much interest in organic produce I’m now a complete convert. Often too fatigued to rustle up anything too adenturous, or not wanting to waste what little energy I have standing in the kitchen, my recent discovery of Abel & Cole has been just what the doctor would order (should they ever decide to take interest in my health). With a selection of crisp apples, super sweet bananas and lemons big enough to make a drizzle cake with after a squeeze in your water or smoothie, I’m in ccomplete heaven. 

Have you ever tried a home delivery service of organic and local produce? I’d love to know what your thoughts were.


How fibro has changed my diet

My diet has been through never ending changes since I became ill, the more unwell I’ve become the more it’s changed.

A lot of changes have been positive. My diet now includes lots more fruit and vegetables, I usually manage my five a day if not more and I often start the day with a delicious home made smoothie made with a selection of bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, pears and a handful of spinach thrown in for good measure. If I’m not well enough to make one I’ll try and grab an Innocent smoothie for lunch or Aldi do an even better tasting, and far cheaper, alternative. I have a Sainsburys basics blender that cost me £3.99 ten years ago that is still serving me well making smoothies to this day. I also try and add in extra vegetables where possible, into my homemade chilli, making stuffed peppers, into a pasta bake or a roast dinner.

But some changes have been for the worst, mainly because I’m not well enough to stand in the kitchen creating something from scratch for days, and often weeks on end. I slip and cut myself when just picking up a knife,and have a tendency to drop just about everything I pick up. My days have therefore sometimes become a blur of ready meals, noodles and frozen pizzas. And maybe a cheeky KFC or three. Whilst I do love a KFC (but hate the welfare of the animals they use), the selection of about three edible ready meals I can find has become boring.

I then had a light bulb moment. My grandma used to order in delicious and relatively healthy food that we’d share for dinner when she still lived on her own. So I got on the internet and hunted down Wiltshire Farm Foods and Oakhouse Foods and contacted both for a brochure. I checked out the nutritional values and it was a million time better than the ready meals from the supermarket, and the selection was amazing. Lots of vegetables and meals I haven’t been able to cook for months on end. The customer service is quite fabulous too, they are so helpful and friendly on both email and the phone, and I can easily place my order online.

The only downside I found was when one of them called me today, as lovely as the lady was she seemed quite shocked a young sounding person answered the phone and then asked if I was ordering for someone else, and then seemed even more shocked when I told her I as at work. Whilst I understand the elderly market is a huge market for these companies, lots of younger people and middle aged people are too unwell to make their own meals, and I think they are missing out on a lot of potential customers.

So my first order has been placed, two weeks of main meals (each one different) and a couple of sneaky puddings for just under £50. I’m looking forward to the variety and the ease of it all, meaning I can rest after I finish work and still eat a wholesome meal.

I also managed to get to Brighton Open Market on my way home from work today and my wife brought me a bag full of delicious fruit, including some huge lemons which I put in my water to help with detoxing.

I’ve also starting drinking herbal tea, well ginger tea to be precise. I bought some others but can’t stomach them, including a lemon and mandarin one. I’ll just wait for my lemon verbena plant to bloom so I can make my own sweet delicious lemon drinks later in the spring.

How have your diets changed since becoming ill? I’d love to hear how you’ve adapted your diet.

Karen xx