Unboxing Boxcitement Subscription Box

My first ever Boxcitement box was definitely going to be full of surprises for me. Not knowing much about the boxes I had no idea what to expect. This month the theme was aliens and space and I really enjoyed opening the package up.

As soon as I collected my post I couldn’t wait to get inside to open up the box. I loved the tissue paper, sticker and stars, this is very ‘me’ indeed.


Everything was carefully packaged, even wrapped up in pretty little paper bags.


A blast from the past with flying saucer sweets…


This handy little bag will be useful for travelling or keeping my camera safe in my bag.


Cute little cards are always a favourite of mine and I can use these for Spoonie Post.


The box also includes a bunting but I think I might glue these into a scrap book or journal instead.


Hair grips are an essential for me, and I love the earrings but sadly react to anything that isn’t sterling silver.


And finally, who doesn’t need stationery to write lists?


I really enjoyed opening up this months box of treats and I look forward to seeing what mysteries future boxes have in store.


Spotlight Stationery Box

I never win anything, so when I came across a competition on Twitter to win a monthly stationery box I thought nothing more of it. When I received a message on Twitter to say I was a winner, oh my did I feel lucky. As a lifelong stationery addict, I was about to receive a box full of pen and notebook surprises. And I was not to be disappointed.

Spotlight Stationery run a monthly or bi-monthly subscription box for £25 per box. Whilst this is a little out of my price range at the moment, it’s a great price as a treat for yourself or even a present for a fellow stationery lover (FYI my birthday is in the summer!!). The box is full of high quality goodies, far better than I expected having subscribed to lower priced alternatives in the past.

After reluctantly tearing open the beautiful wrapping and string, I found that the box contains two extremely high quality notepads (A5 and A6 in size), both lined and plain papered. They both come with a little bookmark which I think is a really lovely little touch. It also contains two pencils which my colleagues and I thought were paint brushes on first glance due to their unique design. These are perfect for me as I’ve recently discovered writing in pencil is much less painful for me than when I write in pen, so I’ll be keeping one of these on each on my desks at home and work. There are also some fun little paperclips and a lovely blue pen enclosed this month which writes in a smooth medium blue ink, perfect for birthday cards and letter writing.

What I also love about Spotlight Stationery is that they send a small amount of their profits to a charity called National Star which supports young people with disabilities. Do have a look at their website as their work is both interesting and inspiring.

Spotlight also support young upcoming artists by enclosing their artwork in the boxes, this month in the form of some cute little postcards.


I absolutely love this box, and I’ll definitely be saving up so I can treat myself to another very soon. I’d definitely recommend it if you need to spruce up your desk area, and revamp your notepad collection. This made for a great start to my week, thanks Spotlight for bringing a smile to my face on this grey chilly Monday.

Karen xx