It’s A Crafty Life

I was taught to knit at an early age. Sitting there as a child marking off in a notebook the rows my mom had completed on her design jumpers for us as children and unravelling the wool, it was only natural I’d learn. I knitted tiny squares for dolls blankets and scarves for Barbie dolls but never learnt how to cast on or off, which was probably the downfall of my knitting career. Next I learned various types of needlecraft with mom and grandma when I was still very young and have a book grandma gave me in my stitching box today.

Look at the price!

The box was a birthday present, probably for my seventh or eighth birthday, in my early days of being crazy cat lady.

Mom and I used to go to craft conventions at the NEC and I made numerous cross stitch pieces that are lurking in various places around my parent’s house. Ultimately, I left school and started work at sixteen by which time crafting had gone out the window.

To this day, I still don’t have a creative bone in my body, but I love sitting at home looking through mom’s latest designs and makes. She regularly sends me homemade cards and my flat is full of things made by her. More recently she has started her own YouTube channel (Wendy Lawrie) where she shows her devoted audience her latest creations and things she has received from other crafters.

Here is just a small snapshot of her creations from my flat, this post would be endless if I photographed and uploaded them all!

I hope you love all of these as much as I do, and please pop over and heck out her videos, they may just inspire you to be a little bit crafty on a rainy winter’s day.



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